Housekeeping Of The Kitchen


We do not think there is a room in the house that gets dirty faster than the kitchen. For this reason, we offer in this article some tips and tricks of maintenance and cleaning of this room of the house, other articles in the same theme will follow. So at work!

– Maintenance Of Electrical Appliances: Most of us have white appliances. To prevent them from yellowing, try this formula the next time you clean them, mix: 2 liters of water, 125 ml of bleach, 125 ml of baking soda, 30 ml of borax.

Thoroughly wash white appliances (paying attention to carpets and fabrics), then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Alcohol is a great product to clean the outside of all types of appliances, but watch out for flames.

Soda water is a beautiful polishing product for outdoor appliances. It does not have to be fresh or sparkling even though it has lost its carbon dioxide, it will do a great job. Do not use your everyday table linen to wipe your appliances; you risk transferring fat and dirtying it.

– Cleaning The Cutting Board: Eliminate odors from your cutting board by wetting and then applying a little dry mustard. Rub, leave for a few minutes, then rinse. To disinfect it, especially if it is a wooden board, keep a spray containing a liter of water and 15 ml of bleach handy. Spray, let stand at least five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

– Roasting Dish: For quick, easy and efficient cleaning put the roasting pan in a plastic garbage bag and place some paper towels on top. Spray with ammonia, close the bag and let stand overnight. In the morning, open the bag (away from your face, do not forget the vapors) wipe the roasting dish with the paper towels that are in the bag, wash it, then throw the bag and its contents to the garbage.

– Calcined Pans: Fill the pan or cauldron with hot water and add several sheets of used fabric softener. Soak (Until the next day preferably) then rinse and wash.

– Automatic Coffee Maker: Depending on how much you use your coffee maker and the hardness of your water, you can repeat this operation at a rate of once a month. Fill the tank with undiluted white vinegar. Place a filter in the coffee basket and turn on the coffee maker. Let half of the vinegar drain, then stop the coffee maker. Let stand for 30 minutes, then turn on the coffee maker and allow the rest of the vinegar to drain. Thoroughly wash the coffee maker, fill the water tank with cold water and allow it to drain. Repeat this last operation.

– To Clean The Glass Container: Use lemon juice and salt and rub with a sponge. You can replace the salt with baking soda, rinse thoroughly.

– To Clean The Other Accessories: To clean white plastic accessories, soak all detachable parts in hot water containing dishwashing liquid and 60 ml of bleach. Soak for thirty minutes and rinse thoroughly. This will help you remove stains and oil residue. For dark colored coffee makers, use dishwashing liquid and 60 ml white vinegar and follow directions above.

– Burners Or Elements And Rings In Chrome: Remove the burners or items from the range. Spread a paper towel over the chrome rings and moisten with ammonia. Then place them in a plastic bag, then close it, leave for a few hours or overnight, then close it. Let stand a few hours or overnight, then open the bag (away from your face) and remove the pieces. Wash, rinse and dry.

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